Premier Sailboat Charter Service

  SOUTHERLY  Southerly is typical sailing boat for day sailing. It was build according the 3/4 ton class for World Championship in Greece in 1991. From that time Southerly has won numerous regattas in Dubrovnik and Croatia. The maximum is 4 crew members and a skipper.                     




                      SOUTHERLY II  Southerly II is modified JustinTen sailboat, which are intended solely for daytime sailing. They require at least 3 crew members and a skipper. The maximum is 6 crew members and a skipper.  

  BRACERAGOSPA OD MORA  Bracera is the most common coastal sailing boat of the Adriatic coast and Dubrovnik. This solid and very mobile boat was particularly suitable for commerce and communication between the many islands of the Adriatic as well as between their neighbour coasts.